• attractive female measuring slim waist after weight loss
  • diet success before and after weight loss without dieting
  • diet success before and after weight loss without dieting
  • diet success before and after weight loss without dieting

Science has discovered the Fat Hormone.  You can outsmart it and lose weight forever - 12 kgs (26 lbs) in the next 12 weeks.  Without dieting.

  • Avoid wasting your time dieting, losing weight and regaining it over and over.  Lose weight and stay slim for life.
  • Personal coaches get to know you, listen to your weight loss needs and concerns, and help keep you motivated.
  • Your whole family can eat the same delicious meals you prepare for yourself. 
  • Save time and money on costly gym memberships.  With Slimming4Life you burn belly fat without frenetic exercising.
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Barbara weight loss head

I'm a registered nurse, and when I hurt my back, the weight piled on.  But I lost 31 kgs / 69 lbs without dieting by...


Co-Founder Barbara's Story

TeAra weight loss without dieting

Five children can sure take a toll, and over time I became 30 kgs / 67 lbs heavier.  But I dropped 4 dress sizes simply by...


Co-Founder Te Ara's Story

Barry Head after weight loss

I had to get involved once I saw how brilliantly this kept the weight off, even when people ate more food...


Co-Founder Barry's Story


Imagine waking up every morning to a weight loss tip that will fire you up and get you excited and ready for your day... 


Are YOU ready to lose 12 kgs (26 lbs) or more over the next 12 weeks and keep it off forever?

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Listen to a Slimming4Life Weight Loss Coach



quote I expected another diet.  I was very surprised when I didn't have to cut back or count calories...
- Barbara Smith
  I love the friendly approach of my coach.  I can really see an exciting future ahead of me now...
- John Anderson
  I've kept my weight off for over a year.  My "weight problem" is now in my darkest history...
- Johanna Martin

Free daily slimming4life tips

Every morning you'll have your own weight loss Tip Of The Day to motivate and support you as you slim down without dieting...

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Working together as a Team

We know how hard it can be.  This is why we're with you every moment as we walk the no dieting weight loss journey together...

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Join as a coach to help others

The overweight of the world need you!  Because of the huge demand for our plan, we need good people to help share the news...

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